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Media Collections Overview

Patrons using the media collection

Music & Media houses two media collections, each for a different use: Instructional Media and General Circulating Media.

Instructional Media Collection

Scope of the Collection

The Instructional Media Collection contains more than 8,000 videotapes and DVDs which were purchased from special funds to support classroom instruction. Every year Music & Media solicits purchase recommendations from faculty members for titles that will support their teaching. This sustains the goal of developing a balanced collection and creating new avenues of interest. Input from all academic departments is represented and programs range from historical documentaries to math instruction and from Shakespeare productions to classic feature films.

Instructional Media Programs are Reservable

Instructional Media programs may be placed on Music & Media Reserve. Programs may be booked for a loan period of up to one week.

Student Viewing

Students may view available Instructional Media titles at the Viewing and Listening Stations located in Music & Media. So that programs can remain available for classroom showings, students may not take Instructional Media out of the area.

General Circulating Media Collection

The General Circulating Media Collection contains over 3,000 videotapes, DVDs and audio books, all of which may be checked out (see Borrowing for more information). The collection spans diverse subjects ranging from documentaries to Broadway musicals, and from rock concerts to recorded books. Patrons are encouraged to browse the collection, displayed on the first row of shelves in Music & Media. New arrivals are featured in display cases. Programs can be enjoyed at home or viewed at the Viewing and Listening Stations.