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Viewing and Listening Stations

patrons using audio video library at music & media

Viewing and Listening Stations are located in Music & Media for all patrons to review Library media or items brought from home. The facility can be used for study assignments or simply for enjoying movies or CDs when time permits. The lab's 24 individual carrels accommodate two patrons each. In addition, there is a group review room.

Viewing Carrels

There are 20 carrels with VHS and DVD players and televisions, one with a Daisy CD player for students with visual impairments. A slide viewer is also available. Two sets of headphones are provided.

Listening Carrels

Four listening carrels contain CD Players. Two of these carrels provide a combined CD and audio cassette recorder which can be used to record selected tracks from CDs to audio cassette for home study. A turntable for LPs is also available and students can also record selected tracks onto audio cassettes.

Instructions for recording tracks are available at the service desk. Patrons must provide their own audio cassettes for recording, and follow Music Publishers' Association Copyright Resource Center guidelines.

Group Review Room

A Group Review Room is available for groups of 3-6 patrons to view videotapes or DVDs, or listen to CDs. Permission to use the room can be obtained at the service desk. It can be used for the duration of the media (up to two hours) and can be renewed if there is no group waiting. Under special circumstances, larger groups can use the Music & Media Lecture Room to view Library media. Arrangements need to be made with the Music & Media staff.