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Copyright Information and Resources

Professors may place the following items on reserve at the University Library:

  • Library-owned books (print reserve only)
  • Photocopies or other reproductions which fall under the doctrine of fair use or for which the professor has obtained copyright permission (e-reserve or print reserve)
  • Professors' personal copies of books (print reserve only)

The following material is not permitted on reserve:

  • Photocopies from ‘consumable’ works, i.e. workbooks or standardized tests
  • Items which fail to fall under the fair use guidelines and for which the professor has not obtained copyright permission.

Other guidelines

  • Only two copies of any book or reproduced item may be placed on reserve; this is due to limited shelf space
  • The full bibliographic citation for any articles reproduced must appear on the first page of the article

Conditions of Use

For information on how the University Library's Course Reserves service operates in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law, please see our Copyright Notice.