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Embedding Library Resources in Canvas

Embedding a Librarian

Have a research component? Or do you just want to give your students easy access to professional research help? Add a librarian to your Canvas Course. They can answer research/library questions, create online resources, and collaborate with you to find the best resources for your students. Embed a librarian into your Canvas course now!

Embedding Course Reserves

Information about embedding your course reserves in your Canvas course including how to place material on reserve and copyright concerns. Embed course reserves into your Canvas course now!

Embedding Library Guides (LibGuides)

LibGuides are online web pages created by librarians to help students better use library resources, conduct research, and perform other tasks to succeed in assignments. Find out how to embed LibGuides into your Canvas course so it is easier for students to access these resources!

Embedding a Library Instructional Module

Canvas Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources with the public (or within their institution). The University Library has learning objects specifically tailored to meet our student body’s information literacy needs. Find out how to import these learning objects to your Canvas Course or suggest ideas for more modules. Embed a library instructional module into your Canvas course now!

Embedding a Link to Articles, Journals, Films, and Other Resources

In order for your students to access articles, journals, films, and other resources at the library, you need to share with them permanent links/persistent URLs to those resources. Find out how to Embed a Link to Articles, Journals, Films, and Other Resources in our guide.

Got a question or comment?

For library resources in Canvas, contact Yi Ding, Coordinator of Online Instruction, at

For Canvas technical support or training information, visit the Faculty Canvas Support page.