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Exhibitions & Events: Past Exhibitions

Library Lobby

June 12, 2008 to August 6, 2008

Celebrate the Sky!

Throughout the world, kites have served as toys, cultural and religious symbols, artworks, tools of war, and instruments of science and technology. While materials and designs have changed over the years, kites have endured as devices with many applications and meanings.

Library Exhibit Gallery

February 1, 2008 to August 1, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Since antiquity, curiosity about the known world has compelled the adventurous to travel. Over time they have set out by foot, carriage, ship, and train to reach their destinations. Their own travel accounts guided others who followed. This exhibition from the Oviatt Library’s collections gathered travel accounts, guide books and other tourist literature from the time of the ancient Greeks through the early 20th century.

Library Lobby

April 10, 2008 to May 22, 2008

Hand Bookbinders of California

The Hand Bookbinders of California celebrated their 35th anniversary with an exhibition of members’ hand-bound books in the lobby of the Oviatt Library. The show featured the work of professional bookbinders, as well as amateurs and students of the art and craft of hand bookbinding. Examples from finely gold-tooled leather bindings to avant-garde artist’s books, and innovative designs that range from the traditional to the unexpected were on display.

Library Lobby

February 22, 2008 to April 8, 2008

Scottish American Heritage

The influence of Scottish ancestry is woven deeply into the fabric of America. Many of the founding fathers of our country were of Scottish ancestry. The Scots as well as the Irish fled political oppression, poverty, and starvation to come to the new world of America. From within these ranks of impoverished immigrants came some of America’s most innovative industrialists, teachers, inventors, naturalists and artists. The people of Scotland continue today to enrich our American culture.

Library Lobby

October 15, 2007 to November 23, 2007

Latino Archives

The Oviatt Library celebrates the end of its five-year, $1.6 million U.S. Department of Education Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Program grant by presenting an exhibition October 15 through November 23, 2007 entitled, Found Treasures: Latino Archives Supported by the Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant. Curated by Robert Marshall, Head Archivist, and Dr. Karin Durán, Chicana/o Studies Librarian, the exhibit is located in the lobby of the Oviatt Library.