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Revised June 2016

Spring-Summer 2013: Completion of the 1st floor Learning Commons and relocation of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to the East Wing of the 3rd Floor.  A new permanent Freudian Sip is built in the lobby, and a brand new testing lab is added adjacent to the LRC. Learning Commons, LRC and Oviatt Freudian Sip open Fall 2013.

Summer 2014: Construction and opening of the Creative Media Studio on the 1st floor.

2014-2015: Expansion of Special Collections into the core of the 2nd floor.

2014-2015: Renovation of Music & Media classroom to accomodate mobile instruction.

2014-2016: Expansion of Special Collections into the core of the 2nd floor.

2015-2016: Group study rooms and collaborative learning spaces will be constructed on the upper floors (primarily in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor cores)

Summer 2012 through 2016: Collection analysis and major reshaping of the print collection. Bound periodicals on the 4th floor are shifted to the ASRS, and print monographs from the 2nd and 3rd floors shift upwards to make way for second floor exapnsion of Special Collections and Archives. This is an ambitious undertaking but is necessary to make room for repurposed learning spaces (both group study and individual study) throughout the library.