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CSUN Women in Science and Engineering Research Fellowship

The CSUN WISE Research Fellowship offers CSUN faculty the opportunity to be awarded six units of reassigned time to conduct research that relates to the WISE mission.

Past Research Fellows

Zhaleh Semnani Azad, Assistant Professor of Management at the Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Ani Nahapetian, Professor of Computer Science

Research Fellowship Requirements

  • Research involving human subjects may require compliance oversight and approval from the CSUN institutional review board (IRB).
  • A mid-year written progress report should be submitted to CSUN WISE by the end of the first semester of the research, and a final written report to WISE within one month of the end of the second semester of the research. 
  • Conduct a presentation communicating the outcome of the research within nine months of the completion of work on this grant. This presentation will be sponsored by WISE and will take place on the CSUN campus. A member of the WISE board will serve as a mentor and liaison during the research fellowship. 
  • A copy of the data collected in the research will need to be deposited in ScholarWorks, CSUN’s Institutional Repository. If any of these data are confidential or proprietary, they may be embargoed, redacted, or password protected.

Stay tuned for updates on the latest fellowship opportunities!