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How to Put Materials on Reserve

Online Reserve Request Form -- for purchase requests and/or Library-owned items (do not use for video requests)

Video Request/Reserve Form -- for videos only

Printable Reserve Request Form (PDF -- requires Adobe Reader)

  • required for personal instructor copies to be dropped off at the Reserves Service Desk
  • may also be used for purchase requests and/or Library-owned items.

NEW: Instructional Materials Scanning Service Request Form-- all scanning requests must use this form

Please note:

  • Reserve Requests should be received at least 5 working days in advance of assignments to ensure that materials will be ready. This processing period is especially critical during the first six weeks of each semester. Request lists are date/time stamped as received and processed strictly on a first come, first served basis.
  • Use of reserve materials must be in accordance with University Library Course Reserves Copyright Policy. Please review the library's guide to Copyright Overview: Fair Use to verify that your use of the requested materials is in within academic fair use guidelines. See Reserves, Periodicals and Microform staff if you have questions.
  • We are making every effort to provide accessible reserve items. However, please contact the Reserves, Periodicals and Microform department immediately if you are informed by any student that a reserve item in its present format is not useable.

To place materials on reserve:

Complete the Online Reserve Request Form and submit it via the web. Alternatively, you can complete the Printable Form, print it out, and submit it along with the materials to the appropriate reserve desk locations listed below.

For books and/or e-books not available in the University Library collection:

Enter "Please order" and provide the ISBN number in the Call Number column.

This order process may take several weeks. Please note that you will be notified when the materials have arrived or if any issues arise.

Instructional Materials Scanning Service

Instructional Materials Scanning is a full-service resource for having library materials scanned and placed in your CSUN Canvas course. This service replaces Electronic Reserve. Please complete the Instructional Materials Scanning Service form to have articles or chapters scanned. We will scan the pages and upload them to a folder to your course page.

Please note:

  • All scans must fall under Fair Use Copyright Best Practices. Please review the library's guide to Copyright Overview: Fair Use to verify that your use of the requested materials is in within academic fair use guidelines, and ask the Reserves Staff if you have any questions. Scans that exceed the Fair Use guidelines may result in delays in processing.
  • Items to be scanned must either be in the library or provided by the instructor. We cannot obtain or purchase a book from outside the library for the sole purpose of scanning for electronic reserve.
  • Items already in the CSUN Library electronic databases are best linked in your reading list on the library Course Reserves page. We will contact you if we feel it is better to link rather than upload a PDF.

Reserve desk locations

Reserves, Periodicals & Microform

Library Fourth Floor East

(818) 677-3282


Library Second Floor


fax: (818) 677-7167