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How to Put Materials on Reserve

Course Reserves & Curricular Resources (CR/CR) processes most reserve items, including textbooks, scanning, and streaming videos.

Music courses (MUS), physical media (DVDs, CDs, etc.), and K-12 classroom materials are processed by TCC/Music & Media. For more information, visit TCC reserves and Music & Media reserves.


There is no general deadline to submit most reserve requests. Requests are processed year-round. Please note the guidelines below:

  • Most Library-owned items on shelf, active ebooks, and personal copies will be ready for checkout within five days of submission. Library items currently checked out by a patron may take longer.
  • Turnaround time for materials that must be ordered depend on vendor response. Physical books and streaming video access links are generally received within four weeks and ebooks are activated within two weeks. However, these should be taken as guidelines, not guarantees.
  • Due to fiscal year deadlines, we are unable to complete new book, ebook, and streaming video orders from early April to late July. Exact deadlines vary each fiscal year. Please submit all Spring and Summer semester orders by late March. New Fall book/item orders will be accepted starting July 15th of the new fiscal year.

Where do I go to put things on reserve?

We offer several ways to get your items on reserve at the Library.

Walk-up service:

  • Request forms for our services are available at Guest Services on the first floor. You may drop off personal copies and materials for scanning during library hours. Questions should be directed to CR/CR (contact below.)

Online and campus mail service:

  • Our online request forms are available online, linked below.
  • You may print our forms and send them along with personal copy reserves and scanning materials through campus mail to the following address: Course Reserves & Curricular Resources, University Library, MC 8326. Please be sure to use the correct printable form as detailed below. Please allow a few more days for delivery.


All requests must be accompanied by the proper form. One course per form.

Online Reserve Request Form -- for purchase requests and/or Library-owned items (for streaming video purchases, please use streaming video request form linked below.)

  • For books and ebooks not currently owned by the Library, please provide the ISBN in the Call Number column. Please check with your Library subject specialist for the ISBN.
  • Please select proper processing department. See form for details.

Printable Reserve Request Form (PDF -- requires Adobe Reader)

  • Required for instructor owned personal copies to be dropped off at Guest Services or sent through campus mail (send form and materials to CR/CR, MC 8326.)
  • May also be used for purchase requests and/or Library-owned items.
  • Form is available at Guest Services and CR/CR.

Online Instructional Materials Scanning Service Request Form — for items currently held in the Library collections to be scanned within Fair Use guidelines.

  • See details and restrictions below.

Printable Instructional Materials Scanning Service Request STAR Form – for items provided by professors to be scanned within Fair Use guidelines.

  • May be dropped off at Guest Services or sent by campus mail (send form and materials to CR/CR, MC 8326.)
  • Form is available at Guest Services and CR/CR.
  • See details and restrictions below.

Streaming Video Request Form -- for streaming videos only.

  • Please note restrictions and other information on the form.

Please Note:

  • Use of reserve materials must be in accordance with University Library Course Reserves Copyright Policy. Please review the Library's guide to Copyright Overview: Fair Use to verify that your use of the requested materials is within academic fair use guidelines. See CR/CR staff if you have questions.
  • We are making every effort to provide accessible reserve items. However, please contact the CR/CR department immediately if you are informed by any student that a reserve item or scan in its present format is not useable.

Instructional Materials Scanning Service Details

Instructional Materials Scanning is a full-service resource for having Library materials scanned and placed in your CSUN Canvas course. Please complete the Instructional Materials Scanning Service Form or the Printable Instructional Materials Scanning Service Request STAR Form  to have articles or chapters scanned. We will scan the pages and upload them to a folder to your course page or email them to you directly.

Allow ten business days to complete service.

Please note:

  • All scans must fall under Fair Use Copyright Best Practices. Please review the Library's guide to Copyright Overview: Fair Use to verify that your use of the requested materials is within academic fair use guidelines, and ask the CR/CR staff if you have any questions. Scans that exceed the Fair Use guidelines may result in delays in processing.
  • Source material must be good quality for scanning. CR/CR staff will assess materials for potential issues, and discuss options with faculty.
  • All scans processed by CR/CR must be hosted in Canvas. Do not email to students or upload to an unsecured/non-password-protected web location.
  • Items to be scanned must either be in the Library or provided by the instructor. We cannot purchase a book from outside the Library for the sole purpose of scanning for electronic reserve.
  • Items already in the CSUN Library electronic databases are best linked in your reading list on the Library Course Reserves page. We will contact you if we feel it is better to link rather than upload a PDF. Exceptions can be made if the linked item does not have an accessible version available.


Course Reserves & Curricular Resources (CR/CR)

Location: University Library 449
Fourth floor, east wing (please make appointment)

TCC/Music & Media

Location: University Library 252
Second floor, east wing