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Our exhibit, "Seamanship and Settlement: the Portuguese Maritime Tradition and Macau's Architectural Duality," has been extended by popular demand. It will be on display in the hallways of the Oviatt Library second, third, and fourth floors until July 10, 2013. It can be viewed while the library is open (see Library Hours for more information.) 

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On March 10, 2013, an enthusiastic audience gathered at the Oviatt Library for the event opening two linked exhibitions celebrating some 500 years of Portuguese maritime skill, daring exploration and mutual cultural influence with China as exemplified by magnificent photographs of the tall ship N.R.P. Sagres,  which has roamed the world’s oceans as the Portuguese Navy’s school ship, and of the historic architecture of the port city of Macau, the first enduring point of contact between China and the West.

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In 1945 and 1946, as a young Marine Civil Affairs officer, Harold Giedt, who had been born and raised in Shanghai, found himself in Tientsin with some spare time on his hands. Conversant in Chinese and a dedicated amateur photographer, he enjoyed roaming the streets with his camera and chatting with the people. The resulting photographs then lay, often in negative form, unremembered until 2007, when they at last saw the light of day in an exhibtion of the Old China Hands Archives.

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The Old China Hands Archives recently welcomed Dr. Roy E. Xavier, Director of the Portuguese and Macanese Studies Project and visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute for the Study of Societal Issues and the Bancroft Library, to carry on research on our collections. Dr. Xavier very kindly posted his impressions on his website.

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