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Using the Collections

The Special Collections and Archives Reading Room

Using Materials in Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives materials are available for use in the Special Collections Reading Room, and do not circulate. Special Collections & Archives staff retrieves all collection materials from its stacks and other storage spaces for researchers to use in the reading room. To prepare for your visit, please review our Reading Room Guidelines below, as well as our Duplication Services.

For more information about using our collections, see our FAQs. For more information about how to find and use materials in Special Collections & Archives, see our guide.

General Guidelines:

  • Materials in Special Collections & Archives are non-circulating, and may only be consulted when the department is open. Materials requested 15 minutes before close will be available the following day.

  • Researchers who are unaffiliated with CSUN or another CSU campus must complete a Researcher Registration Form and present a current form of government-issued photo identification.

  • Researchers must store personal belongings such as backpacks, purses, briefcases, computer cases, and loose articles of clothing in a reading room locker.

  • We prefer that your personal research material be stored in your locker. If necessary, staff can review and stamp personal research material before it is brought into the reading room.

  • Notes should be taken with the pencils and paper provided by reading room staff. Ink pens and mechanical pencils are strictly prohibited.

  • Digital and cell phone cameras can be used with the flash turned off.

  • Please respect others in the reading room. If you need to talk, please keep your voice low.

  • Please silence your cell phone. If you need to take a call, please step outside.

  • No food or beverages, including water, are allowed in the reading room.

  • Special Collections & Archives reserves the right to inspect all research materials and personal articles before researchers make duplications or exit the reading room. Please note that the reading room is monitored by cameras and recorded on video at all times.

Using Materials:

  • If necessary, reading room staff will provide specific handling instructions. Cotton gloves will be provided as needed.

  • Keep materials flat on the table at all times. Please do not lean on, write on, mark, fold, erase, or trace over collection materials.

  • One box or book is allowed on the table at a time. The exact order of documents, folders, and unbound materials must be maintained. Only one file folder may be removed from a box at a time. When removing a file folder, please insert the “Out” card provided to mark your place.  Use the flags provided as place markers for duplications.

  • If you discover mistakes in filing or damage to materials, please alert Reading Room staff.  Do not rearrange materials yourself.

  • Please let Reading Room staff know when you have finished working. If you plan to return, we can hold materials under your name for one week.

  • Please contact Special Collections & Archives staff with any questions prior to your visit at asksca@csun.edu.