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Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, Community Relations Committee Collection, Part 5

Ida Nudel with Jane Fonda, April 1984The Los Angeles Community Relations Committee (CRC) was founded in the early 20th century to work with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), B'nai B'rith, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the American Jewish Congress, the Council of Jewish Women, and other Zionist organizations to fight anti-Semitism in the United States. The core mission of the organization's founding continued as a through line, but by the close of the 20th century CRC's focus expanded to include additional pressing international issues.  The Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, Community Relations Committee Collection Part 5, reflecting a broadened interest in the global Jewish diaspora, is now available for use in the Special Collections & Archives reading room.

By the last quarter of the 20th century, CRC reorganized its interests into Commissions focusing on specific interest areas. Part 5 of the Collection includes materials from the Commissions on Education, Government Affairs, the Middle East, Soviet Jewry, Urban Affairs, and World Jewry. Additional Commissions also existed, but were either dissolved or merged into these Commissions during this time period.

As in the earlier 20th century, CRC administration and Commissions continued to Booklet, The Jews in Syriamonitor anti-Semitism, track government affairs, and work to build better relationships through collaborative programming and outreach with non-Jewish communities in Los Angeles. Central issues addressed by CRC at this time included resettlement of refugees from Eastern Europe to the West Coast, denazification in Germany, immigration legislation, religion in public schools, communism, civil liberties, discrimination in housing, fair employment practices, inter-racial relations, stereotyping in the motion picture industry, public policies, and religious tolerance.

In addition to its local community work, the organization's interest in the international well-being of the Jewish diaspora began to play a bigger role in CRC's work during this period. Commissions were responsive to global events related to Israel, the Middle East, terrorism, and the role of oil in international relations. Many materials in Part 5 document the Refuseniks, which was a term primarily used to describe Soviet Jews whose request for permission to emigrate was refused by the Soviet Union and other Eastern bloc countries. Other international Jewish communities represented in CRC5 include those in Ethiopia, Iran, and Syria, and to a lesser extent those in France, Iraq, South Africa, and South American countries.

Project Yachad Guidelines, 1977
Soviet Jewry Fact Sheet, Commission on Soviet Jewry, ca. 1976-1978
Ida Nudel with Jane Fonda, April 1984
Burton S. Levinson, Commission on Soviet Jewry Chairman Statement, June 28, 1978
Soviet Jewry Tribute Book Photograph, ca. 1983-1984
An International Tribunal Investigating Crimes Against Soviet Jews Event Flyer, 1986
Photograph of Group in Gondar, Ethiopia, 1982
Iranian Jewish Community Memorandum, January 12, 1979
Photograph of Unidentified Members of the Ethiopian Jewish Community, 1982
Letter from French Consulate General to the Commission on World Jewry, June 18, 1990
PhPhotograph of Unidentified Members of the Ethiopian Jewish Community, 1982
"Syria - A Prison to 4500 Jews" Information Packet Cover, January 1987

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