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How to Submit to SOAR

Welcome to the CSUN ScholarWorks Submission Tutorial page; to access ScholarWorks itself, go here:

This page will explain how CSUN faculty and staff members can self-archive their own work in ScholarWorks.

STEP 1: Getting Started

  • Log in to DSpace by clicking 'Login' under 'My Account', then choose 'CSUN Faculty | Staff | Students' login option.
  • Once you are in the system, look for "My Account" again and click 'Submissions'.
  • At the top of the Submissions page, click 'start a new submission'.
  • Choose desired collection from the dropdown menu - by default this includes Faculty Publications and Faculty Datasets. Then click 'Next' button. 

STEP 2: Add a description of the work with metadata

  • Initial Questions Stage: first, check the box if the work you're submitting has mutliple titles; second, check the box if this work has been published before.
  • Describe Item Stage - part 1: enter at least the following: author(s) name(s), title, date of issue, publisher, language (en_US as appropriate), and type of item (i.e. article). You can also add ISBN or other unique identifiers as well as whether the work is part of a series. Finally, you can also add embargo terms, if applicable. When added, click 'Next' button.
  • Describe Item Stage - part 2: enter relevant keywords (click 'Add' button to enter multiple keywords - 5 to 7 is ideal); copy and paste your publications abstract in the abstract box. You can also add the names of sponsors (i.e. grant funders, etc.) in the 'Sponsors' box as well as any further information in the 'Description' box.  When complete, click 'Next' button.
  • Describe Item Stage - part 3: skip down to 'Number of pages' and add number; next, include citation, a link to the publisher's version (doi, etc. if applicable), and add name of copyright owner. When complete, click 'Next' button.

STEP 3: Upload Your Files

  • Upload Files Stage: Upload your digital files by clicking 'Browse' button; add description of file (i.e. PDF, main article, supplemental files, etc.). If you need to add additional files, click 'Upload File & Add Another' button.

STEP 4: Verification & Confirmation

  • Review Stage: Check your submitted metadata for errors (misspellings, etc.). To amend something, click 'Correct One of These' buttons. Confirm by clicking 'Next' at the bottom of the page. You can also examine the uploaded file at this stage to confirm it is the correct file.

STEP 5: Granting the non-exclusive distribution license

  • License Stage: Check the 'I Grant the license' box to officially submit your work to SOAR staff. A non-exclusive distribution license allows SOAR to provide copies of your work in an online environment. It does not impinge on your rights to the work and neither does it bind you to CSUN or preclude you from making similar agreements with anyone else.

Congratulations! Your work has been placed in ScholarWorks. SOAR staff will examine the metadata and will notify you when the work has been approved for submission.