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WISE Interns

WISE Student Internship (Currently Closed)

About WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)

The Bonnie Campbell WISE Endowment is meant to "facilitate both the participation of women in science and engineering, particularly those fields in which they are insufficiently represented, and the development and preservation of knowledge about women in the science and engineering disciplines."


To encourage women to build careers in the fields of science and engineering; to advance in their careers; to preserve the story of women who have pioneered in the science and engineering disciplines; and to inform leaders and educators about the contribution that women make in these important fields.

WISE operates under the auspices of the University Library at CSUN. See

Responsibilities of the WISE Intern

  • Serve as board secretary
    • Board meeting attendance
    • Agenda management
    • Minute taker
  • Assistance with event coordination
  • Social media management
  • Assist with fundraising
  • Follow up with potential members
  • Communication, marketing and research
    • Letter drafting
    • Outreach to schools, organizations, and/or individuals
    • Research for potential resources
  • Skills
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Self-motivated
    • Works well with others
    • Social media skills
    • Computer fluency

Pay Rate: $17.00 per hour


  • An expected average of 10 hours per week, beginning Spring 2022.
  • Exact schedule to be determined based on Intern’s availability and WISE programming needs.

Application Process

  • Initial review of applicants for this posting will begin in January 2022.
  • Please email your CV or resume and a brief letter of interest to:

Joyclyn Dunham
Projects and Programs Supervisor
University Library
California State University, Northridge
(818) 677-2638

Current Intern

Melita Mehzabin

Melita Mehzabin

I will be eternally grateful to my parents for their unwavering support and for allowing me to fly hundreds of miles to chase my dreams. It took a lot of courage and encouragement for me to come to the United States from a nation where few women study abroad, but I believe in setting an example for those who want to pursue their ambitions.

I am currently an international rising sophomore at California State University, Northridge. I am majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology, and I wish to pursue the MD-PhD pathway after graduating. The turning point in my life that led me to decide medicine is exactly what I want to pursue as a profession occurred when I was 12 years old. During my tonsillectomy, the surgeon did not remove my adenoid glands with the intent to make me return with the same complaint so that the hospital could benefit from another surgery. That was when I decided, I must be the change. I aspire to be able to cure a patient by not just treating the condition, but also by conducting research that can help establish the disease's pathophysiology and potentially lead to a clinical treatment.

I am ecstatic to begin my journey as the CSUN WISE Intern and to make significant relationships, develop valuable skills, and enlighten CSUN students about the myriad opportunities that WISE provides.

Our Past Interns

Hazel Valladarez (2019-2022)

Hazel Valladarez

I feel privileged to be a student studying electrical engineering, and beyond excited to be the intern for the Bonita J. Campbell Endowment for Women in Science and Engineering.

Raised by a single mother with very little education, the odds of me going to college were not great but here I am with only two years left of my undergrad. I’ll admit my journey has not been the easiest, but when is “easy” ever really used to describe one’s journey?

Being one out of three females in most of my engineering courses has really given me a different perspective and passion. More than ever, do I want to advocate for female involvement in STEM, and help them build their careers.

As for my career, I hope to emphasize my degree in biomedical engineering and create technology that not only minimizes people’s everyday struggles, but also the struggles of our pets.

Alexandria Chavez (2016-2019)

Alexandria Chavez - past WISE intern.

Interning for the Bonita J. Campbell Endowment for Women in Science and Engineering has been instrumental to my success as a female engineering student. Working closely with Joyclyn Dunham, Mark Stover, and the inspirational women on the WISE board provided me the connections, confidence, and skills I needed to obtain my first engineering internship with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The most memorable WISE event I assisted with planning was WISE’s annual Pi Day. Having CSUN’s STEM clubs together in the USU celebrating math and science was unforgettable

Currently a graduating senior studying Manufacturing Systems Engineering, I plan to continue my engineering journey focused on sustainable development and green building.

A saying I live by is “forever forward.” Regardless of the small bumps in the road, always continue your adventure by moving forward toward your dreams.

Nimilolu Fafowora (2015-2016)

Nimilolu Fafowora - past WISE intern.

"The WISE Student Internship awarded me the opportunity to better connect with my community as an engineering student. Working in WISE, with responsibilities exactly those of an intern and some administrative work—I was able to build and improve my skills for that will be vital in ANY workforce. A large part of my job was to help students at CSUN get better acquainted with WISE – informing them about what we have to offer."

"Currently a graduating senior studying mechanical engineering, I have aspirations to work with the biomedical engineering sector maybe aerospace. WISE has given me the good fortune to network in both of these fields. Working closely with professionals I was given the opportunity to talk and discuss and gain some insights into the professional world. I have not only gained valuable professional experience, but also have been fortunate enough to develop relationships and communication skills that I know will last throughout my entire career."