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Locker Pickup Service

CSUN students, faculty, and staff can now borrow library books and physical media through its contactless Locker Pickup service. The lockers are located outside the Library's main entrance, and you are welcome to pick up your items 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. If you require an accommodation, please contact Library Guest Services at or call (818) 677-2274.

Instructions for Using the Library Locker Pickup Service:

  1. Starting in OneSearch, search for books/media by title, author, or keywords, and click Sign in to sign into your OneSearch account

  2. In the record for the item you want, click Request and follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. After selecting the title of your item, click Request and select Library Lockers from the Pickup Location menu to have your item paged by library staff, checked out to you, and placed in a locker. 

  4. After receiving a request confirmation email from the Library, you will receive an email from Luxer One, the locker company, to set up a Luxer One locker account and download a Luxer One mobile app to your iPhone or Android device, which allows touchless opening of your assigned locker. If downloading an app is not an option, you can also use the iPad at the lockers to open your assigned locker.

  5. Once notified via CSUN email that your items are ready for pickup, you will be emailed a numeric code and QR code by Luxer One to open your locker using the app or on the locker iPad.

  6. Your requested item(s) will be available for pick up at the Lockers, which are located near the main entrance. The Library’s location is indicated on this campus map (18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, California, 91330).

  7. Your items will be available for the next 6 days, and reminders will be sent until you pick them up from your assigned locker. After 6 days, they will be returned to the library stacks or the lending library, and you will have to request them again.

  8. When you are finished with your books/media, simply return them to one of the Library’s 11 book drops on campus, including the one next to the Lockers.

  9. If you need help, contact Library Guest Services during business hours at (818) 677-2274 or Or, chat with Luxer One, email, or call (415) 390-0123.

Other helpful hints for the best CSUN Library Locker Pickup experience:

  • For more information about the Library Locker Pickup Service, please see the FAQ.

  • You are expected to adhere to CSUN’s Health and Safety Protocols when coming to campus.

  • You are also strongly encouraged to follow Campus Safety guidelines whenever you come to campus, particularly when it is less populated.

  • Parking on the CSUN campus requires a permit and is enforced 24/7.  Visitor day permits, ranging from $2.00 for one hour up to $8.00 for all-day, and short-term “pay by space” parking is also available for purchase. See Visitor Parking Information for more information.

See Services and Resources to Support You During COVID-19 for more information about the University Library’s services during the pandemic.

Library Locker Pickup Service FAQ

materials in a pickup locker at CSUN University Library
Library materials inside our Locker Pickup Service

Q: Who can use the locker pickup service?

A: Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on operations, the Library’s Contactless Locker Pickup service is currently only available to CSUN students, faculty (including emeritus), and staff. Beginning July 1, 2021, this service will provide book checkouts by Locker Pickup Service to current members of the Friends of the Library and Legacy/Lifetime Alumni Association members.

Q: Are lockers used for Interlibrary Loan or CSU+?

A: Yes, for books and media not held by the Library, users may request them in OneSearch via CSU+ or Interlibrary Loan, which will also be placed in the Lockers for pickup.

Q: How long does it take to get my book with the locker service?

A: Assuming the book you requested is available in the Library, it can take one to five days. For books requested from another library, it can take approximately two days to two weeks depending on the lending library and the availability of the book.

Q: Where do I return books I checked out from the lockers?

A: When you are finished with your books/media, simply return them to one of the Library’s 11 book drops on campus, including the one next to the Lockers.

Q: Are there other options for getting my books besides the lockers?

A: If you require an accommodation, please contact Library Guest Services at or call (818) 677-2274.

Q: How late is the campus open?

A: The CSUN campus grounds are open 6:00 a.m. - 10:00p.m. The usual Campus Safety guidelines should be followed when visiting campus.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask to pick up my books from the lockers?

A: Yes, current CSUN Safety Protocols for COVID-19 must be followed by everyone coming to the CSUN campus. These protocols include completing a pre-screening survey, adhering to 6-foot physical distancing, wearing a face covering, and practicing hygiene.

Q: Will I be able to wash my hands or use hand sanitizer before and after using the lockers?

A: Locker users are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer as handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer will not be available outside the library.

Q: What is the Library doing to keep the lockers (and books) safe to use?

A: In addition to touchless and contactless pickup using the locker app, signs will indicate where to stand to maintain physical distancing between users. Library staff handle books wearing masks and wash their hands and/or wear gloves when handling library materials.

Q: Are the lockers accessible?

A: Yes, when setting up preferences in the locker app, you can specify that you need your items placed in a locker compartment that is less than 4-feet high. You can also add a note to the Request screen within OneSearch or ILLiad letting Library staff know if you need an accommodation or contact Library Guest Services at or (818) 677-2274.

Q: Who do I talk to if there is a problem with opening the locker?

A: You may contact Library Guest Services during business hours by calling 818-677-2274 or emailing and technical Support is also provided 24/7 by the locker company, Luxer One, via chat at Luxer One Support, email, or by calling 415-390-0123.

Q: Who do I talk to if I didn’t get all the books I requested or I got the wrong ones?

A: Email for CSUN books and for books borrowed from other libraries.

Q: Where do I park to pick up my books from the lockers?

A: The Library does not have its own parking lot or designated spaces. This campus map shows the location of campus parking lots, parking information booths, and surrounding streets. The Library is designated University Library” or “UL” on the map and the lockers are located on the south side of the Library next to the entrance.

Q: Do I still need a parking permit to park on campus?

A: Yes, parking on the CSUN campus is currently enforced 24/7, and requires a valid annual or semester-long permit. However, visitor day permits, ranging from $2.00 for one hour up to $8.00 for all-day are also available. There is also “pay by space” parking for even shorter-term parking in some surface lots. See also Visitor Parking Information for more information.

Q: Is there anywhere I can park for free?

A: Yes, there is free but limited-time parking on the city streets surrounding the campus. Please pay attention to signs denoting parking restrictions. This Google map shows the streets closest to the Library.

Q: Is there a bus that goes to campus?

A: CSUN is served by three bus lines from 4 directions (north, south, east, and west) that stop at the CSUN Transit Station.