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Archival & Special Collections Maps

Specialized and archival maps collections include:


Knabenshue (G. A.) Survey Map Collection
An archival collection of building surveys and field notes produced by G. A. Knabenshue & Company. Surveys are from houses and properties throughout Los Angeles County.

Caspi (E.) Archival Map Collection
A collection of rare and historical sheet maps of the United States, Latin America, and Europe collected and donated by E. Caspi.

Bowen (Isaiah) Archival Map Collection
A collection of maps created by Isaiah Bowman's geographic and mapping work with the post-WWI Versailles treaty.

Pamphlet Collection (1926-?)
A collection of rare 20th century pamplets, brochures, booklets, and other travel and tourism-related ephemera. Pamphlets are international in scope but emphasis is on materials related to locations in the United States. Pamphlets are uncataloged and organized by geographic area. Please see Map Collection staff for access to the pamphlet collection.