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Systems Group

Justin Kovalcik

Justin Kovalcik

A Message from the Director

Welcome! The Library Systems Group (LSG) consists of three dedicated units: Systems Support Specialists, Learning Commons, and Web Services. These units work with all areas of the library to ensure library patrons are able to complete their transactions and successfully navigate through their informational needs. The hard working members of LSG work together to provide the best service possible for our patrons, team, Library, campus, CSU and community. The changing landscape of technologies and patron needs can be difficult; however, LSG is committed to listening, learning, and actively participating in the Library’s mission.

Contact: / Ext. 4549

Systems Support Specialists

Randy Cohen

Randy Cohen

Systems Support Specialist

I provide software and hardware support for public, lab and staff computers. I also provide support for the ASRS, LRC, LCT, UDC and BUILD PODER.

Contact: / Ext. 2286

Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald

Instructional Technology Specialist

I provide primary software and hardware support for library staff and library faculty systems. I also manage public and staff library printers and printing software.

Contact: / Ext. 2273

Michael McFarland

Michael McFarland

Sr. Systems Support Specialist

I take the lead in creating software and hardware configuration profiles for the library's public desktops, laptops and tablets. Lead for mechanical issues for the Library's Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Also responsible for securing public systems and assisting IT with security breaches.

Contact: / Ext. 3098

Learning Commons

Eva Cohen

Eva Cohen

Learning Commons Lead

Manages operations of Learning Commons services. Troubleshoots equipment and oversees implementation of new technologies and services in Learning Commons areas, including the Creative Media Studio, Library Technology Services, and collaborative study areas. Assesses student success through lending programs and area services.

Contact: / Ext. 7629

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Rheana Laguardia

Learning Commons Coordinator

I handle the day-to-day operations within the Learning Commons which includes overseeing the Library Technology Services and Creative Media Studio service desks, supervising up to 25 student assistant employees, and helping patrons troubleshoot hardware and software issues that often arise at both service desks.

Contact: / Ext. 6305

Student assistants in the Creative Media Studio (CMS) help patrons with troubleshooting complex software loaded on Mac and PC computers located in the West Wing. They lend out and troubleshoot devices such as cameras, lighting equipment, microphones, and more. Student assistants also run the CMS’s 3D printers and help patrons use the recording studio.

Student assistants in Library Technology Services (LTS) maintain and troubleshoot all computer stations, and printers in the public areas of the library. They lend out and troubleshoot a total of 140 laptops and tablets to students, faculty, and staff. Student assistants answer about 20,000 patron questions per semester related to computer technology and software.

Web Services

Elizabeth Altman

Library Web Services Coordinator

I am the primary web server admin and manage web projects and web services, as well as web accessibility compliance. Ask me if you need help with ScholarWorks, LibGuides, Drupal, or Web-One.

Contact: / Ext. 2863

Guillermo Flores

Guillermo Flores

Web Programmer

Provide library website support by managing website content through the use of various tools and APIs such as Drupal and Primo/Alma APIs. Also responsible for creating/updating web apps such as the Sources of Inquiry Gallery Tour web app.

Contact: / Ext. 7271

David Morck

Web Programmer

Supports Library’s electronic presence – install, configure, maintain, and develop web-based applications, provide support to Library Systems as needed. Ask me if you need help with web based services, digital wayfinding / media wall, or event promotion.

Contact: / Ext. 5549