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Computer Use Policies

Use of the computers in the University Library is governed by the University Policy for Use of Computing Resources; section 502, 311 and 313  of the California Penal Code; and the University Library Code of Conduct.  In addition, the following specific rules and policies govern the use of computer in the University Library:

  • Patrons may not use more than one Library workstation at a time.
  • Modification of hardware or software configurations, including installations of software, on Library workstations or devices is prohibited.
  • Copying licensed software from Library workstations, devices, or campus file servers is prohibited.
  • Commercial use of Library workstations or devices is forbidden.
  • Noise and disruptive behavior will not be permitted. Headphone volume must be kept to low levels, whether on your personal device or library systems.
  • Child Pornography: Any act of knowingly producing, possessing, or distributing images depicting minors under the age of 18 engaged in sexual activities is illegal under California Penal Code Sections 311-312.7 whether on your personal device or Library system.
  • Exposing minors to harmful materials: As CSUN has an active outreach and recruitment program that frequently brings K-12 students to the Library, you are reminded that, “every person who . . . exhibits . . . any harmful matter to a minor shall be punished” under California Penal Code Sections 313-313.5 whether on your personal device or Library system.
  • Remember that the University Library is a public space and to exercise discretion when viewing material others may find objectionable or offensive, whether on you personal device or Library system.
  • Important work should be saved frequently.
  • Library workstations will be turned off 15 minutes before closing.  Please make sure all work is saved or printed prior to that time.
  • CSU Northridge accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss of data arising directly or indirectly from the use of Library systems or for any consequential loss or damage.

NOTE: Library systems located in Labs A, B, and C are restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of California State University, Northridge.

Campus Police are retained to assist Library personnel in the enforcement of these rules. Violations of the rules may result in removal from the Library and/or loss of Library privileges. Violations of the California Penal Code or the Student Conduct Code will be reported to appropriate authorities.