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Noise Policy

To help Library users find a study environment with a noise level that is most conducive to their needs, the University Library has two options, depending on location: Collaborative Study and Quiet Study:

Collaborative Study



  • 3rd Floor core
  • 2nd Floor: core, Teacher Curriculum Center/Music & Media, Library Exhibit Gallery
  • Main Floor: ASRS Viewing Room, West Wing/CMS, Lobby, Learning Commons
  • Group Study Rooms (Floors 1 - 4)
  • Map Collection
  • Ferman Presentation Room


  • Talking is allowed but please keep voices down.
  • No party atmosphere, shouting, or amplified media.
  • Cell phone ringer set to vibrate.
  • Cell phones may be used for short conversations in these areas if the same low tone of voice is maintained.
  • Use headphones with personal media.
  • NOTE: Noise level may vary in some areas due to location of service desks/main entrance and occasional Library events.
Quiet Level

Quiet Study


  • 4th Floor core
  • The Quiet Study Lounge (Fourth Floor, East wing)
  • Gohstand Reading Room
  • Individual Study Rooms (Floors 2-4)
  • Graduate Study Rooms (Garden Level and 4th floor)


  • Quiet places for individual study: No talking, either in person or by phone.Cell phone ringers set to silent or off. If you have to use your cell phone, please move to Floors 1, 2 or 3, or a stairwell.
  • No amplified media.
  • Headphones set to low volume.
  • Keep voices low when transitioning to the 4th floor, particularly in the hallways.
  • Reasonable non-verbal noise OK.
  • NOTE:  Noise levels will vary near hallways, service desks, or due to occasional library sponsored events / presentations in adjacent areas.

Group Study Rooms Noise Policy

The group study rooms located in the core on floors 1-4 are designated Collaborative Study spaces, with the following limitations:

  • These rooms are NOT soundproofed.
  • Please be considerate of others around you, and use a conversational tone of voice.
  • No party atmosphere, shouting, or amplified media; cell phone ringer set to vibrate.
  • Keep study room doors CLOSED while in use
  • NOTE: The 4th floor is a Quiet Study space; therefore, please keep voices low when going to/from the study rooms.

Noise Complaints

We expect Library users to be respectful of each other and Library employees.

To report a noise complaint, please call Guest Services at (818) 677-2274