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Peek in the Stacks: special collections; rare books; publications

Poetry and Perspective

April is national poetry month and Special Collections and Archives has a wide array of poetic works across a variety of themes, spanning hundreds of years. Among these works are both contemporary and antiquarian books written by American people of color. Each of these poets have lived in different times and places, and have had very different life experiences that have influenced ...

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Early Children's Literature

Memories of childhood are often infused with fond recollections of favorite books, stories that transport us to faraway lands, imaginary worlds, and distant places in time. For many of us, the literature of childhood has worked to shape how we think and feel about the world, stretching the imagination and expanding our horizons to include the people, places, and things outside of our own day to day experience.

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Celebrating the City of the Angels

Among its many treasures, Special Collections and Archives holds a wide selection of narratives, pictorials, and other publications related to the history of the greater Los Angeles area. Many of these works are authored or compiled by local historians or civic leaders whose perspectives may offer...

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Things That Go Bump in the Stacks

In honor of Halloween, this week's blog post focuses on several of Special Collections' 17th century publications about witchcraft, demonology, and exorcism. Works on these subjects were produced during the Renaissance in particular as the Catholic Church, which had been the supreme religious authority in Europe ....

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