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Peek in the Stacks: diaries

Home Remedies: The Old Age Medicine

Special Collections & Archives holds a few rare resources that contain home remedies for ailments using herbal medicines. When families were in need of medicinal help but did not have easy access to a doctor or presription medicine, they often used these types of alternative medicines. Both the Bess Lomax Hawes Student Folklore Collection and the Manuscript Cookbook hold some interesting historical fixes for all sorts of ailments.

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"Passport to Peace": European Travel After World War II

The Nathalie Furst Gittelman Travel Ephemera Collection contains ephemera documenting her experience flying to Europe in 1949 during her time as a college student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. World War II ended only four years earlier, leaving many scars on the landscape and the people that lived through the war. The official travel guides and brochures, many aimed at English-speaking audiences, provide insight into the ways travel associations and government bureaus attempted to regain travelers' trust and recreational interest in Europe after a devastating period of loss.

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One Line a Day: Five-Year Journals

One unique format that can be found amongst diaries and journals is the five-year journal. In this type of journal, the writer records short entries every day and when the new year begins, they go back and record the day’s entry next to the previous year’s entry. Then, after five years each page displays a single day spanning five years.

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California Travel Memories

As we all begin to venture out in the Spring and Summer, we feel the need to leave our homes and travel out into the world. Some of us use the time to travel overseas, however to keep costs low, one option is to travel locally. California is so expansive that it has a lot to experience all within the state. While traveling many of us now use our phone cameras and social media ....

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James F. Dargan Civil War Diary and Scrapbook

James F. Dargan was born in the town of Randolph, Norfolk County, Massachusetts in 1843. Dargan was the eldest of six children born to Irish immigrants, and by the age of seventeen worked as a boot maker in his father’s shop. On September 17, 1862, at the age of nineteen, he enlisted in the Union Army, 4th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, and on that day began a four volume diary of his experiences in the American Civil War...

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American Imperialism in the Philippines

Spain established its first permanent settlement in the Philippines in 1565. Spanish colonial control of the Philippines continued until 1898, when the United States took possession of the islands as a territory after winning the Spanish-American War. The Philippine Revolution, a struggle for independence from...

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The Power of the Post

As many of us stay at home during the pandemic, we keep in touch with our family and friends through video chats, text messages, and a number of other technological communication methods. Although our newly Zoom-centered lives can feel filled with screens, we also remain connected through the physical mail system that delivers letters and packages ...

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The History of Scrapbooks

The evolution of the scrapbook dates back centuries, as people began to document their lives, the places they visited, and the significant events that shaped their daily lives in the unique format. Special Collections and Archives holds a wide variety of materials that illustrate this evolution, including scrapbooking's historical roots and the merging of storytelling...

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The Susan B. Nelson Collection

The Susan B. Nelson Collection documents Susan Nelson's professional and personal life, most notably the fundamental role she played in the creation of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The collection details the work of the Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains' Parks and Seashore and the Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore Foundation, which Nelson worked with to realize the dream of an urban park for residents of the greater Los Angeles area...

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