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Creative Media Studio/Library Technology Service Renewal Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to return the items checked out from the Library Technology Services (LTS) desk or Creative Media Studio (CMS), please return these items to the CSUN Campus Store.

Otherwise, if you would like to renew your items follow the steps below:

  1. Go to OneSearch and click "Sign In: on the top right corner to log in to your library account 
    OneSearch Login Link
  2. Click on the option “Student and employee login” on the pop up menu
    Login popup menu
  3. Log in with your CSUN portal account information
    CSUN Portal login
  4. Once you are logged in, choose “My Loans” under your name on the top right drop down menu
    My Loans link in patron menu
  5. Here you will see a list of your Active Loans. To renew, click any item that has the “RENEW” icon. If the item is not renewable, you will see the status “NOT RENEWABLE” (see Reasons for NOT RENEWABLE below) 
    Active Loans
  6. If the item was successfully renewed, you will see the status “RENEWED” with the new due date of December 23, 2020
    Item renewed
  7. If the item is renewable but you receive the error message, “The due date is already set to the renewed due date” when attempting to renew, this means that your CSUN ID expires before the renewal due date. 
    Due date already set to the renewed due date
    This could be caused by one of the cases below:
    1. Your ID is expired because you have not registered for Fall 2020 classes yet. You will need to wait until you register before renewing your items.

    2. Your ID is expired because you graduated in Spring 2020 and/or will not register for the Fall 2020 semester. In this case, please return your items before the due date to the CSUN Campus Store from August 17, 2020 to August 31, 2020. Be sure to check Campus Store operating hours before you go.

Reasons for "NOT RENEWABLE"

  1. If the item shows as “NOT RENEWABLE” because of an active library fee over $9.99, hover over the NOT RENEWABLE icon to see the amount owed. 
    Hover over the NOT RENEWABLE  icon to find out how much you owe
    In order to renew your item, you must pay off the library fee first before you can renew. To do this, select the “FEES” menu option and click on the “Pay” link to see directions on how to pay off your fine online with a credit/debit card or go to the Storefront directly.
    Find and pay fees
  2. If the item shows as “NOT RENEWABLE” because the item is now overdue you will see the potential fine listed above the due date. The fine in red will display above the affected item.
    Overdue items
    In order to renew items with a potential fee or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Library Technology Services at (818) 677-6304 or the Creative Media Studio at (818) 677-2595 or via email at