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Creative Software Workshops and Support

Want to learn a new software/skill? Need advice or recommendations for fulfilling your creative vision? Need help with editing but don’t know who to ask? Hired specifically for their extensive knowledge in software often pertaining to their major, the Creative Maker Studio Student Assistants present workshops each semester on creative software and topics and are available for peer-to-peer help on supported multimedia applications and hardware.


The Creative Maker Studio holds workshops on creative software and topics during the regular Spring and Fall semesters. Workshops are available to current CSUN students, faculty, and staff and may be held virtually or in-person. Presented on by the Creative Maker Studio student assistants and staff, our workshops are the perfect way for beginners to learn a new program or skill!

There are no Creative Maker Studio Workshops scheduled at the moment. Check back here in Fall 2024 or sign up to be notified when more workshops become available!

Student Assistant Support

Every CMS Student Assistant is trained in operating the Audio Recording Studio, 3D Printers, and all equipment checked out at the CMS as well as having basic knowledge of video/photo editing programs and Microsoft Office. Expand the menu below to learn what software is supported by who.

Found a CMS student assistant who is familiar with the program you need help with? Stop by or call the Creative Maker Studio to see if the software expert you need is working now to get in-person, one-on-one help! If the expert you need is not there, ask when they will be scheduled next and visit then to get in-person support!*

*Student assistants might not be able to give you extended help as they might be busy with other duties during their shifts or need to assist their coworkers as needed.