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Craft Corner

Inside the CMS is a Craft Corner dedicated for students to work on two different makerspace tools: button making and vinyl cutting. The onsite Vinyl Cutter can be used to transform a digital graphic into a single-color vinyl decal or sticker while the Button Maker's variety of backings allows users to make magnet, pinback, or thumbtack buttons in two different sizes. The CMS Craft Corner is the perfect spot for crafters alike to work on their creative pursuit at no extra cost!

Each station will have a step-by-step user guide with detailed instructions on how to use the Button Maker and Vinyl Cutter. CMS student assistants are there to assist anyone who needs additional assistance.


To utilize the Button Maker and Vinyl Cutter services inside the CMS, students must reserve each station through LibCal under the corresponding category. The Button Maker is available for 15-minute reservations per-day while the Vinyl Cutter is available for 30-minute reservations per day. Reservations are only available during open CMS service desk hours and can be made up to two weeks in advance.

  • Each station can only accommodate one student per reservation.
  • For a no-show during the first 10 minutes of the reservation, the entire reservation is canceled.
  • Repeated no-shows or failure to comply with established policies may result in suspension of CMS privileges and/or other Library privileges.

Student working on a buttonButton Maker

Two button maker presses are available for students to showcase digital art, drawings, or make a statement. With our downloadable button templates and circle die cuts, any image can be transformed into a button for your jacket, backpack, bulletin board, or fridge.

Available Sizes and Backings:

  • 1.25-Inch Buttons
    • Pinback
    • Magnet
    • Thumbtack
  • 3-Inch Buttons
    • Pinback
    • Magnet

Button Maker Policies:

  • Designs must be fitted to the button templates and printed prior to your reservation time slot.
  • ONLY 15-minutes per day will be given to students to utilize the Button Maker. Time will NOT be extended if there are no other reservations.

Student using a vinyl cutterVinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutting is a great tool to make customized stickers, decals, stencils, and more! The Silhouette Cameo 3-4T Cutter Machine and 6x6 glossy vinyl sheets are made available to students for each session.

How does it work?

At the start of your reservation, students will get to choose their vinyl color and will receive a 6x6 sheet of vinyl. Please note that only one color and one sheet of vinyl will be given per reservation. Students must closely follow the step-by-step user guide to correctly set up your design, send the design to the cutter, and transfer the cut design onto transfer tape.

We recommend designs that consist of filled shapes and bold lines like silhouette graphics (PNG or JPG file types with white or transparent backgrounds work best). Keep in mind that designs can only be cut in a single color. Design files may be brought in on a flash drive or accessed/downloaded on our iMac computer station. Please have your files ready or be aware of what you want to cut before entering the CMS. Reservation time slots will not be extended for file browsing.

Vinyl Cutter Policies:

  • Students will only receive one 6x6 vinyl color sheet per reservation.
  • Students may cut multiple designs so long as they fit within the 6x6 sheet.
    • If cutting more than one design on the vinyl, please ask a CMS Student Assistant for additional help to position within the program.
  • Designs must be found online or created by students prior to your reservation time slot.
  • CMS staff is not responsible for cutting flaws or unusable designs.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for failed cutting jobs.

We recommend the following resources to find copyright free images and vector graphics: