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3D Printing

The University Library building is closed until further notice

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the Library building and the Creative Media Studio will be closed until further notice. As a result, we are no longer accepting 3D print requests until the Creative Media Studio reopens. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Creative Media Studio in the University Library offers 3D Printing services for CSUN students. Stop by during our open hours to learn more about it. Please follow the steps below to print something.

Step 1: Meet with a CMS Student Assistant

Bring in a 3D model design of your own (.STL format) on an SD card or Flash Drive, or provide a link to the 3D model you found on a website to the CMS. A CMS Student Assistant will sit down with you to help you choose the preferred settings for printing and submitting your job.

Step 2: Print Review

After the CMS Student Assistant formats your print settings, he/she will review your project. If they find any errors with your design’s gcode or if there is a need for any modification as described in our policies, you will be asked to revise your design or find a new model to print.

Step 3: Print Confirmation

If there are no noticeable issues with your print, we will submit your job to the print queue. The CMS Student Assistant will give you an estimated date for completion of the print*. When your job is next in the queue you will get a printing confirmation email.

*Please note that actual completion time may vary significantly and is not guaranteed.

Step 4: Completion

We will send you an email when the print is ready for pick up. Stop by the CMS during our open hours to pick up your print. You are now done!


  1. Students are responsible for their own class project deadlines.
  2. Please allow two weeks for job completion after review.
  3. We will not modify the print queue.
  4. Reprints, just like original prints, will be placed at end of queue.
  5. 3D models must be submitted as a .STL file.
  6. Please read through our 3D Printing policies thoroughly before submission.