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3D Printing

3D Printers on shelvesThe Creative Maker Studio’s 3D printing program began in Fall 2016 and continues to grow and expand into one of the Library’s most popular and intriguing services. At no extra cost to CSUN students, 3D printing is the perfect outlet for students of any major wanting to prototype, build, create, learn something new, or simply have fun!

With over 3,000 completed submissions since 2016, the CMS is ready to take on your 3D printing needs to help open a door to endless possibilities.

How Do I Print?

Step 1: Consultation with a CMS Student Assistant

Reserve a 30-minute 3D Print consultation appointment using the CMS LibCal Reservation System where a CMS student assistant will review your 3D model, help you choose the preferred settings for your print, and format the file (.STL) for printing. Files may be brought in on a flash drive or accessed/downloaded on the iMac computer inside the CMS. Please have your files ready or be aware of what you want to print before entering the CMS. Reservation time slots will not be extended for file browsing.

2 students working in front of a computerStep 2: Model Review

After formatting your print settings, the CMS Student Assistant will review your print job. If they find any errors with your model’s gcode or if there is a need for any modification as described in our 3D Printing Policies, you will be asked to revise your design or find a new model to print.

Step 3: Printing Confirmation

If there are no noticeable issues with your print, we will submit your job to the 3D print queue. The CMS Student Assistant will give you an estimated date for completion of the print*. When your job is next in the queue you will receive a printing confirmation email.

*Please note that actual completion time may vary significantly and is not guaranteed.

Step 4: Completion

We will send you an email when the print job is completed and ready for pick up. Stop by the CMS during limited appointment hours to pick up your print and you are done! You may be asked to show your print completion email confirmation before being allowed inside the CMS to hand over your completed print.

Important Policies:

  • Please read through our full 3D Printing Policies thoroughly before submitting a print job.
  • 3D models must be submitted as a .STL file.
  • Students may submit up to five files in one submission so long as the maximum filament weight does not exceed 160 grams and maximum print time does not exceed 10 hours.
  • Students are responsible for their own class project deadlines.
    • While class projects are prioritized in the print queue, we recommend submitting at least two weeks before your deadline.
  • Please allow up to three weeks for job completion after review.
  • We will not modify the print queue.
  • Reprints, just like original prints, will be placed at the end of the queue.